Laura Sottosanti

Pink Flowers Bouquet

This Specific Painting was

inspired to the Indiad Holi

Colours Fest. It’s part of the

Flower Collection “Las flores ya

nos las regalamos nosotras”.

It’s been featured inside the

Design Laura made for an

architecture competition for

Women Pavillion in Jaipur,

India. Laura’s Project Design For

Women Empowerment was

awarded of Top 10 Honourable

Mention out of thousands entries

from the Jury of the Indian


Women Pavilion’s 2021 Volume


Zero Competition:

Barbara Kuit

IBA, Netherlands

Didier Ryan

Undercurrent Architects, United


Shilpa Gore Shah

S+PS Architect, India

Anna Juni

Vao Arquitetura, Brazil

Jorge Cobo Susperregui

Cobo Architectures, Spain

Song Gang

Atelier Cn°S, China

Zhong Guanqiu

Atelier Cn°S, China



Paintings (50x75cm) technique

Acrylics on Paper. Three series

per colours background: Pink,

Yellow, Violet, Black.

– 350,00 Euros original

– 53,00 Euros Print (Max 170

pieces, originally autographed

and numbered by the Artist)


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