Laura Sottosanti


International Art

Collection, created by

the Barcelona based,

female italian artist Laura Sot-

tosanti, in September 2021.

The original title of the col-

lection is “Las flores ya no

las regalamos nosotras”.

Painting flowers isn’t cheesy

at all… It represents a birth, or

rather a rebirth, a flowering.

The collection is a tribute

from the artist to whole wo-

men, to all of us, who always

flourish from every pain, an-

guish and suffering. Because

we are very powerful, and

without us this land does not

flourish. “I made you take

time to look at what I saw and

when you took time to real-

ly notice my flower, you hung

all your associations with

flowers on my flower and

you write about my flower

as if I think and see what

you think and see—and I don’t.”

Georgia O’Keeffe


And We don’t. We can fi-

ght Gender inequali-

ty also with Flowers.


The collection is currently

exhibited in Barcelona, Sevil-

la, London, Berlin and Zurig.


We would be glad to exhi-

bit also at your Gallery

and share the message!

Photo: The Artist captu-

red in the perfomative act

of throwing a bouquet of

flowers from her balcony, by

which she meant that, Wo-

men we no longer accept

flowers as gifts from Society,

we want to be given the free-

dom to choose for ourselves,


Respect, Equality and Integrity.

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